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website in progress 
How did my ancestors understand time? How does it crash and squeal against the western linear time? How do we sport the same vision, the same understanding of time as cyclical and always becoming? How can those vast knowledges inform our relationships to each other, to our planet, to the universe? What devices could facilitate our use of ancestral time?

Channeling ancestors.

How can I exist as not only myself, but as an incarnate of a thousand lifetimes, of the experience of those lives lived? How does my temporal existence meld and communicate knowledge coded in my genome?
Si no de aqui ni alla, pos de donde? Que tan grande es este en medio?

Why the fixture on labels and clear cut definitions ? My identity is constantly pouring in and out of containers, bellowing over the edges, dripping over so many expectations?

How can I communicate clearly when everything is so nebulous?

Is it really about clarifying ? of being more assertive and convicted ? What do I  do with everything nebulous? What if I can only make vague approximations about what it is ? What even is it??

I know I can’t be the only one stuck in this perpetual ambiguity. And dare I believe this disposition to be defective? I understand that in certain situations, clarity, assertiveness, decisiveness is a must. I get that. But so much of my understanding is amorphous, relationship, culture, home — is it simply a matter of committing to a frame, picking a definition from many?

Do I get defensive when somebody is asking me to define things? Just because it is unclear does not mean it is not settled. The primacy of needing everything clear cut is annoying.

Meso means to be in the middle. In between borders. Inbetween cultures. Inbetween dogmas. Always inbetween. Always in the liminal spaces.